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MoscowMania is a team of energetic history scholars

MoscowMania was founded in 2009 by a group of energetic history scholars. The idea came to us as a result of our travelling experience in other countries.  We discovered several companies in the West that provided innovative tours, very different from what we had seen before in Russia which still follows the traditional pattern of huge groups and standard tours.

Being ourselves historians with a strong command of English, we were inspired to launch our own style of walking tours in Moscow.
Our aspiration was to give an insight into Russia, share its deep history and unparalleled, unique spirit with people who would love to get to know more than just the “top sights” of Moscow.

We have designed and now conduct more than 50 walks and trips around Moscow and its suburbs.

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Olga B.

Olga B

Ольга Горохова



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MoscowMania Mission

Our mission is to share the history, culture, spirit of Moscow with everyone who has a profound interest in history and culture and enjoys speaking English.


MoscowMania walk is perfect for you if

-You aren’t satisfied with visiting just the «top sights» and having boring facts thrown at you

-You are not a follower of the predictable «must-see» tourist scheme

-You are curious and seeking to go deeper in exploring the city in small groups through a lively walk and intellectually stimulating discussion in English

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