Small and Medium business support in Russia

Being the small business ourselves, we are happy to provide support to foreign small and medium companies in Russia.  We also leverage our extensive experience of working in Big4 company, business consulting and doing small business in Russia

This includes:

  • market research in for various products in Russia
  • targeted experts interview on various issues in Russia, we search for experts using our own network
  • search for suppliers, organizations, contacts
  • research on legal issues, taxes, patents
  • organization of business meetings, translation

Our advantages:

  • experience in doing business in Russia and experiencing ourselves multiple related issues
  • we charge only a portion of what the normal consulting company would charge for similar services

Case studies

  • Search and meeting local craftsmen, artists and suppliers for an Australian distributor of Russian souvenirs
  • Russian patent research for a UK equipment producer
  • Market research of Russian pharmaceutical market for COPD desease

Please, contact us for further details:

+7 903 713 05 83 Olga Malashkina   E-mail: