For schools

We have started to work with several big English-language schools (e.g. The International School of Moscow, The British school, Big Ben, etc.) and Moscow schools.

We offer:

  1. Educational walks
  2. Historical lectures 

How it works:

A teacher arranges a topic of a walk or discusses it with a guide, then guide prepares route, words, etc.

Features of educational walks: 

- vocabulary is adopted to the language level of a group (e.g., words for the pre-intermediate level are easier than for the advanced level).

- we use words actively, repeat them and practice

- guide asks questions and communicates with pupils, so they practice English and are not just passive listeners

Walks’ topics are described in Our walks list in the main menu, but you are welcome to offer your own theme.

Languages: English, French, German

Price: depends on a topic and a number of pupils (starts with 3,500 RUR per 2 hour walk, a standard group is max. of 15 pupils).

Please, contact us:  


Olga   +7 903 713 05 83       Skype: olgamalashkina