Whether this is your first visit to Moscow, or you have lived here for a long time already, we’ve got a lot to offer:

  • Are you interested in seeing the real Moscow, beyond just the top tourist attractions?
  • Do you want to gain deep insights into Russian history, culture and mentality?
  • Do you prefer active discussion instead of just passive listening?

Do you recognize yourself in the above list? Then join us on intellectually stimulating walks of different epochs.
We will show you how different eras come together at one place.


We create historical walks within Moscow and trips with a historical program outside of Moscow. 

Why historical?

  • We do historical research in archives and libraries and offer unique information.  We bring our archaeological experience into the walks. “Ancient Moscow” is led by an archaeologist who participated in the Kremlin dig and several other excavations, discovering herself the traces of medieval Moscow life.  
  • We offer another way of explanation — our historians talk about logical connections between events and their consequences, not just a series of disconnected facts

  • We choose sites on the designed route to reveal a particular subject.  The Sergiev Posad trip reveals to you the traditional life of a prerevolutionary Russian town, and, more importantly, substantially covers the often forgotten side of this town, the authentic Russian toys centre.  We visit famous painters of nesting dolls to see a great collection of unique toys and the process of their production. 
  • We walk and travel ourselves — to design our routes. “Pushkin tour” in Moscow and its suburbs was created through an expanded journey about Pushkin sites and a thorough study of his biography and works. 
  • We communicate with people who join our walks to learn about their interests.  Some of the walks were created upon special requests.  And this can become a great opportunity for you to get a customized route of your own in the city of Moscow!

 Visit Our Walks page to see the full list of the walks.



How to order a private historical walk
  • Look at Our Walks list and indicate the particular tours you’re interested in or indicate the spheres of your interest and preference regarding what you would like to see in Moscow.
  • Call us at one of the phone numbers from Contact info, or write to info@mosmania.com
  • Choose the preferred date and time
  • Come walking with us!

Prices for the walks
The standard price for 2-hour historical walk is 3,500 RUR per group of 1 — 8 people.  However, for some walks the price might be different because of the different length, or specific theme.
You may always contact us
to check the price for the desired walk.