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This March we were filming a documentary with the Canadian History Channel. Here are backstage shots, enjoy!

Coffee & History

Новинский бульвар – участок Садового кольца от Смоленской до Кудринской площади – одно из  оживленнейших мест Москвы…



Moscow in your pocket
This wonderful tour guide company offer everything from the classic Kremlin/ Red Square orientation tours to things much more off the beaten track.


TVC channel, World spirit, July 13th, 2010
 The program «World spirit» at TVC channel is dedicated to various cultural events in Moscow. They have demonstrated some fragments of MoscowMania tour «the Mysteries of Moscow»



The Moscow News; June 21st, 2010
For people whose primary language of communication is English, MoscowMania tours ( are worth a look. The tours have such themes as “Old Charming Moscow” and “Cold War”, with prices per person varying depending on the tour.