Leo Tolstoy  Walk

Along the walk which would lay in Leo Tolstoy district we’ll discuss his books, philosophy and many other intellectual subjects.

We could visit his Moscow estate where his authentic belongings are kept and where he wrote his most famous works.

Length: 2 hours

Price per walk (up to 8 people): 110 USD/ 6,500 RUR + tickets 200 RUR/person

Overview of the Classics of XIX — XX cent. Russian Literature


We will walk from Arbat to the Garden ring discussing the classics and visiting their mansions. We’ll talk about Nikolay Gogol, Pushkin, Gorky, Bulgakov, Tolstoy and some other writers (overview).
It’s not just basic facts revision, but a discussion, you’ll learn the historical context of each book and the parallels with world’s literature, what authors wanted to say by their works, etc.

  • Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  
  • Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)

Tretyakov Gallery


This tour will be dedicated to the Russian arts of 11th -beginning 20th centuries.  We will cover famous Russian masterpieces, the most mysterious works in the Gallery, the stories and legends of Tretyakovka, other subjects depending on your interest.

  • Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  
  • Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)
  • + entrance tickets (500 RUR/10 USD per person)

If you need a customized tour, please write us about your interests. As experts we’ve already done: Leo Trotskiy, Moscow of the Future, Hygiene of Old Moscow, Monino Aviation Museum, Moscow Architecture, Mosque, Vodka tour, Tea & Coffee tour, etc.

To book these walks, please, contact us:


Olga      +7 903 713 05 83     Skype: olgamalashkina