Sergiev Posad tour:

Holy Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra and Nesting dolls workshop



This is the first outside Moscow trip from MoscowMania!  And that’s why we have some more interesting events for you there.

We’re moving to the ancient town Sergiyev Posad known since 14th century.

The town appeared from the foundation of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra in 1350.  Monastery got its name after its founder Sergei Radonezhsky and now it is known as one of the main centers of Russian orthodoxy.  Every year millions of pilgrims come here to the relics of Sergei Radonezhsky.

We offer you to visit that fascinating monastery that saved Russia for many times during invasions.You could fill your bottle with holy water to cure diseases, listen to magnifying church singing, see relics of Sergei Radonezhsky and observe frescoes of Andrei Rublev (his famous work the icon of the Trinity).

We offer a tour without boring explanations and dull facts.

That’s only the half of our trip!  Although very few people are aware of that, Sergiev Posad is also the center of the Russian traditional toys. We couldn’t miss that fact and have prepared for you the visit to one amazing apartment of hereditary artists.  We will see wonderful collection of exclusive matryoshkas (which you can’t find at Izmaylovo or the Red Square), Russian traditional dolls, carving and various antiques. Furthermore, we will see how matryoshkas are made!


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Join us on the non-traditional Sergiyev Posad trip!  We make sure that your impression will be much richer than just «another Russian monastery».

Length: 10 hours

Price of the tour: 10,000 RUR (~270 USD; ~ 210 Euro). This includes guiding services.
Extra payment: entry tickets 200 RUR/person, transportation by train 10 USD/person, matryoshka master class 3,000 RUR in total, lunch.
We estimate the total expences of around 15,000 RUR (~400 USD).

Sergiev Posad tour: Holy Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra

Length: 7 hours
Price per tour: 8,000 RUR (~$220; ~160 Euro) (max. 8 people).
Extra payment: entry tickets 200 RUR/person, transportation by train 10 USD/person, lunch.
We estimate the total expences of around 10,000 RUR (~270 USD).


Vladimir — Suzdal one-day tour:


We offer you an interesting one-day trip to old Russian towns — Vladimir and Suzdal.
You’ll learn about the Medieval period of Russian history, its economy, ruling system. We’ll discuss how Moscow could win over its rivals — Vladimir and Suzdal. You’ll learn how to identify a traditional architecture and why there wasn’t Russian Renaissance.

6:45 AM — an express train to Vladimir with breakfast on board
8:30 AM — arriving to Vladimir
9 AM — arriving to Suzdal
9 AM — 2 PM — touring in Suzdal with a lunch break
2 PM — 4 PM — touring in Vladimir
4:54 PM — an express train to Moscow
6:40 PM — arriving to Moscow

Suzdal: Wooden Architecture Museum, local Kremlin, old market square, 70m bell tower panoramic view, the monastery of Saviour and Saint Euthymius, and a lot of other authentic places.
Vladimir: the Golden Gates, local Kremlin with Cathedrals.

Transportation: between Moscow and Vladimir — an express train Sapsan.
Between Vladimir and Suzdal — a taxi.

Total price consists of a guide’s rate, transportation, museums’ price, meal for you and your guide:
- guide’s rate: 11,000 RUR for the whole day
— museum price: most of the museums charge 50 — 100 RUR/person
— lunch cost differs, but around 300 RUR/person
— transportation: express train 1,000 RUR/person one way
— taxi between Vladimir — Suzdal costs around 1000 RUR one way (or ~2,000 RUR in total).
If 1 person — we estimate this tour of around 19,000 RUR in total.
If a group of 2-3 people
— around 11,000 RUR/person.

Length: 12 hrs


If you need a customized tour, please write us about your interests. As experts we’ve already done: Leo Trotskiy, Moscow of the Future, Hygiene of Old Moscow, Monino Aviation Museum, Moscow Architecture, Mosque, Vodka tour, Tea & Coffee tour, etc.

To book this tour, please, contact us:


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