Old Gangster Moscow: Khitrovka


Today Khitrovka is a nice square in the center of Moscow. So hard to believe what a terrible place it has been a hundred years ago. The accumulation of thousands of the unemployed and criminals.In the 1860s Khitrovka became a job market for unskilled labor, drawing unemployed peasants who were seeking their fortune in the big city. Many of them couldn’t find work and settled here forever. The square was a shelter for escaped convicts, broken citizens and other hard up people. 2 thrilling hours are guaranteed!

  • Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  
  • Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)


Old Charming Moscow: Zamoskvorechye
ehind-the-Moscow River)


Moscow is far not a uniform city. In fact it has several worlds in itself. The part of Moscow lying to the South of the Kremlin and Red Square and located behind the Moskva-river is known as Zamoskvorechye. Embarking on this journey you find yourself in the “Old Charming Moscow”.

Zamoskvorechye is one of the most beautiful among the surviving pieces of prerevolutionary Moscow. During the walk you plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Russian entrepreneurship, with the numerous churches and museums built on merchants’ contributions as a gift to Moscow. Whatever house in Zamoskvorechje is a merchant’s mansion, whatever personality tells an amusing story.. You also receive a unique opportunity to get away from the turmoil of the centre and enjoy yourself in a quiet province which lies, amazingly, right in front of the Kremlin. It’s striking but Zamoskvorechje was able to preserve until now its unique «genius of place», provinciality which is so dear to the Russian soul. And it has remained almost untouched by the XX century, rich in upheavals and cataclysms.

  • Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  
  • Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)


Tea and coffee history


This walk is devoted to the History of Moscow tea & coffee throughout centuries.
During 2 hours we could explore streets and places that are connected to Moscow tea & coffee and discuss the issues:
Before 1917:
— the origin of Moscow tea & coffee: Netherlands vs China
— a cup of tea as the key to business deals. How merchants still make bargains
— the origin of a famous Russin samovar
— coffee & tea in Russian Art
After 1917:
— no vodka except tea during WW1
— the art of a tea box

Length: 2 h
Price in total: 6,500 RUR/ 110 USD

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