They tried to build a paradise on earth…We highlight 1920s — 80s in our historical walks.


October 1917 Revolution

100 years passed since October 1917 Revolution which buried the old Russian Empire and brought the Soviet power. Even though the major events of Revolution took place in St-Petersburg, Moscow was a crucial battlefield throughout the October events.

While in St-Petersburg Bolsheviks took power with almost no fight in October, in Moscow they faced fierce resistance. The reasons of such resistance is what we discuss while walking through the major spots of those tragic events.

Besides, we will discuss one of the most surprising facts of Russian history — how Bolsheviks, a tiny weak party even in the beginning of 1917, came to rule Russia in just a few months.

Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  

Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)

House on Embankment: Stalin’s Moscow


The notorious gray building right across from the Kremlin was built in 1931 for the elites of Soviet society. This place will help us to understand:

how this residential paradise, which was built during the famine of early 30’s, soon became an epicentre of Stalinist repressions

the atmosphere of 30’s, a period of rapid economic growth and industrialization, as well as horrible repressions and fear

Short tour: 2 hours, 6’500 RUR (110 USD)  

Extended tour: 4 hours, 9’000 RUR (160 USD)


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