Meet Moscow!

We shall walk through the most famous sights in the center of Moscow: Okhotny rjad (the Hunter’s row), the Manezh square, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the old streets of nearby Kitai-Gorod, Alexander garden, the State Historical Museum, and the neoclassical GUM building – so different and yet still harmoniously coexisting in one place.


We will see the extraordinary way in which the architecture of the Tsarist period co-exists with that of the Soviets, and come to understand how the various epochs of Moscow’s history have been interwoven on the streets of the old town in the heart of the city.


A walk through the centre of medieval Moscow is going back and forth through time and across eras.

In the course of our walk we will discuss:

- the development of the city through centuries
- key points of Russian and Moscow history
- historical processes that have influenced the city, e.g the Grand Plan of Reconstruction 1935, Medieval fortification, etc


  • Short tour: 2 hours, 7’500 RUR 

  • Extended tour: 4 hours, 11’000 RUR