MoscowMania is a team of energetic history scholars

Veronika Nuretdinova

Hi, I'm Veronika.

Most of the time I’m working as a business analyst at top-tier companies and study data science at Berkeley UC.

MoscowMania is the side of me seeking for fun and creativity. I’ve been always bored with traditional walking tours but was inspired after attending London Walks seeing how differently the walks can be done. I was determined to create authentic walking tours in Moscow which would be oriented toward people passionate about history, who would seek for underlying logic of Russia development rather than bare facts about places and buildings.

In 2009 I met Olga and we launched MoscowMania. Words cannot say how much we have passed through together and it's a huge joy for us that our creation has blossomed.

Background: Graduated from Moscow State University, faculty of economics.

Further worked at PWC, McKinsey&Co, now an independent business analyst.


Olga Malashkina

Hi, I’m Olga. I’ve been fond of history and archaeology all my life, and MoscowMania project, appeared in 2009 after we met with Veronika, is a result of this passion.


Doing the innovative tours I help visitors to understand the key points, the logic of the events. I believe that a lively discussion makes more sense than a passive listening. We’ve done and experienced a lot by now: launched many tours, took part in some TV programs, had fun and met fantastic people. It’s only several years since we’ve started, there’s so much to see and so many visitors to meet!

Background: History teacher, archaeologist. Worked in the GULAG museum of Moscow, Archaeological Museum of Moscow.

Co-Founder and Historian

Olga Burtseva

My name is Olga, I am a licensed Moscow guide and a professional English teacher/trainer.


My passion is getting impressions from life, tasting and savoring them, and sharing them.

Truly, possessing knowledge is sometimes similar to keeping a mystery – it can happen that you can’t wait to share it  This attitude I find applicable both for all the life spheres, but a special treat is to show the city I live in and I love to real travelers and connoisseurs.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are more than welcome 

Stan Degtyarev

Hello, Dear Friends! :) My name is Stan.


I am the participant of MosowMania, and I am also doing PhD in history at Moscow State Lomonosov University.

History is not just my work, but it is also my passion.

Moscow is my native city, which I love a lot. Moscow was never a static city. This place, along with it inhabitants was always changing through its history, and, of course, this process has not stopped today.

I will try to give you all the best that Moscow can show you about its unforgettable past and unpredictable present.

Armine Makichyan

Hello, my name's Armine.

I am working as MoscowMania guide and also in the State Historical Museum.


I graduated from Moscow State University in 2012 and now I am doing my PhD there. I am interested in history and science. I like Moscow, it is a city of contrasts, with many interesting places and museums. I will be glad to show you different parts of my city and feel its specific atmosphere!

Ivan Mosin

Hello, I’m Ivan, a historian.

A light unobtrusive atmosphere, in-depth knowledge of historical events and parallels, a pinch of artistry and an adequate sense of humor - what else is needed for a good excursion?
Moscow is beautiful, and the best way to explore is walking. A cocktail from different eras and styles makes this city infinitely interesting and vibrant.
Let's walk and enjoy together!

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Press about us

"Trashopolis" (National Geographic show)

We were filming as Moscow historians in "Trashopolis" show run by National Geographic. In this video Tatiana, MoscowMania historian discusses trash situation in Medieval Moscow.


Trashopolis: Moscow

Moscow churns out five million tons of garbage a year. Some blame Western-style consumerism, but things weren't much better back in the old days, when Peter the Great created the Moscow garbage man, dumped Trash just outside the city and built on top of it.


Backstage documentary is available at our youtube channel:

Moscow in your pocket

"This wonderful tour guide company offer everything from the classic Kremlin/ Red Square orientation tours to things much more off the beaten track."

Lonely Planet

We were recommended as Moscow tours provider by Lonely Planet guidebook. 

The Moscow News: Discover the city you live in

"For people whose primary language of communication is English, MoscowMania tours ( are worth a look. The tours have such themes as “Old Charming Moscow” and “Cold War”, with prices per person varying depending on the tour."

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Customers about us

Moscow Mania Friend is a great concept and we were very pleased to find you before we arrived. We would like to thank the team at Moscow Mania but especially, Olga, our Moscow Friend, for making our stay so memorable. Moscow Mania is an excellent and much-needed initiative which allows people to follow their own personal interests and not be tied down by a big group tour.  We saw everything we'd arranged to do and we were really very impressed with the level of expertise and knowledge. We were also pleased because Olga and Tania spoke so enthusiastically about all the sights they showed us ( yet some guides we had in other cities were not able to do this). I know that Moscow Mania offers some really different tours but it was difficult to find your website at first - once we did we were very happy, so thank you to the Moscow Mania team and especially Olga. Norma and Warwick

Norma and Warwick Gilbert, Australia

Olga was my guide. This was a tour with a reasonably high price tag but I got excellent value because I wanted a lot of in-depth information.She seemed to have every detail at her fingertips and many interesting illustrations for many of the things she was showing me.She also kept it light with humourous anecdotes.It took 6 1/2 hours and I was totally enthrall.

John Harry Lenthall, Australia

Comprehensive  Soviet tour

Actually, the guide was Olga Malashkina. The tour was great! Olga's vast knowledge of the history of Russia was evident throughout the tour. She's also very nice and personable. If you want to really gather in-depth knowledge about every place you go to in Moscow, then definitely Olga (a historian) should be your tour guide!

Edda Panzani

A big walk of Moscow

Thank you Olga for your time and the tour today. Wish we had more time in Moscow to see other places with you and just "hang out".

Stephanie Geller, USA

Novodevichy convent

Hallo-hallo aus Moskau! :) :) Danke Sehr fuer die Fotos - sie sind super!! Danke fuer Ihre warme Worte auch! Fuehrungen mit Ihnen waren ein Spass fuer uns alle! Ich, glaube Deutschland ist en Muss auf unseren kuenftigen Reiseplaenen! Es waere toll Sie in Deutschland wiederzutreffen!

Dr.Renate Vahldieck, Germany

Meet Moscow walk

Our guide for the Two Days Customized Tour was Olga.. We enjoyed our time with Olga. She speaks excellent English, friendly and very helpful... Very knowledgable about Moscow... Moscow is a beautiful place to visit, unfortunately the locals are not 100% "Tourist Friendly" yet .., having Olga as our local guide was definitely a plus point . Thank you Olga, we are now safely back in our country , Indonesia.

Emilia Josef

Absolutely excellent. Tatiana scripted the Metro tour into a story of its being built through the decades. We stopped at probably 8-10 stations, each unique and with plenty of historical insight.

Christopher Moga, USA

Moscow Subway tour

I had a wonderful tour with Stas yesterday. I am very impressed with your group.

Also for everything else. If I come back to Russia, I will definitely get in touch with you, and if I hear of any friends coming, I'll tell them too.

Barbara Stallings (Wm. R. Rhodes Research Professor Watson Institute for International Studies)

We were very pleased with the tour of Victory Park we had with Tatiana, it was great to be able to discuss history and the city in general with someone who has such an excellent knowledge of both. After living here for 3 years my Russian is still nowhere near good enough to be able to discuss such topics in Russian, so Tatiana having such fantastic English was useful for me as well as our family who had never been to Moscow before. They were especially pleased with having someone to answer their many questions about Russian life and give them an insight in a way that we (as expats) cannot. I am very pleased with the service we have received from Moscow Mania and we will most definitely use you again in the future.

Teodoro, Canada

Meet Moscow! tour

Tatiana was the only guide willing to do this tour. She is very pleasant person and well informed. Our original date was for the 29 May, but it changed to the 1 June. I was flexible and could accommodate the change. Communications are a bit slow. In general I would use her again.

Dear Tatiana and Olga, Thank you very much for the efforts you went through to make the tour worth it. I can assure you that I definitely recommend your services. Good luck in completing your PhD.

Jeremias van Pletzen

Monino Aviation Museum

My family of 4 (2 adults, 2 small children) enjoyed the 3-hour Moscow by Night driving tour with Stas. We enjoyed listening to the history of the places we visited. We liked this tour as it presented Moscow in a different perspective: illuminated lights (places like the skyscrapers, football stadium, abbey and liberty monument, Moscow State University), informative history of the places, comfortable driving tour. I was able to capture superb photographs. Thank you very much to Stas!

Arnols Santos

Night Driving Tour

We had 2 guides, Tatiana and Olga, and both did a great job. I was in Tatiana's group and can say first-hand her command of English and knowledge of history are stellar. She even cheerfully emailed a summary of what we had seen. This was a fabulous introduction to Moscow.

Rosemary Martelli

Old Charming Moscow

We did have a very good time (aside from the heat) and again want to thank Olga and Tatiana for their efforts to find things for us - even if they did think we were a bit "eccentric"!  We hope these thoughts will be received in the spirit they were written - with much affection and many hopes for your success!  Wishing you all the best with the heat and in general with the weeks and years ahead!

Bruce and Anita Malcolm, USA

Really enjoyed Olga taking us around and showing us the sites at night. Olga was able to share not only interesting points of what we were seeing but as well as her observations as a resident of Moscow. We all enjoyed the tour. Thank you!

Dean Nelson

Night tour of Moscow by car

Thank you for the tour Olga. It was very informative and enjoyable. Have a good summer!

Tim Slee (Novo Nordisk, Senior Global Director)

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PS: Many of our facebook community members have attended to our walks.  If you're interested in additional opinion, it is the right place to ask.


Social responsibility

Vyshny Volochek (Tver)
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Vydropuzhsk (Tver region)
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Medyn nursery home (Kaluga region)
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Tver Gerontological Center
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We believe in "Small-actions theory".  Therefore, to a possible extent, we're trying to support people less fortunate than we are.


We send half of "MoscowMania" income to "Enjoyable Aging" charity ("Старость в радость") of which we're also active volunteers. This Fund, launched in 2011 by young enthusiasts, supports lonely and handicapped people in more than 200 state nursery homes throughout Russia.


Volunteers make regular trips to nursing homes where they talk to old people, sing songs and play together, plus bring necessary supplies (diapers, medicine). For a lonely bed-ridden person 15 minutes of attention is life-changing.


We're more than happy if one day you want to join us on a trip which takes place every weekend, or participate in any of the Funds multiple activities, e.g. collecting New Year&Christmas present or sending B-day greetings.