Is it possible to order a tour not listed in "Our Walks"?


Absolutely! We're a group of PhD historians specializing in different fields: Moscow history, Soviet history, Art, Music, Literature, Archaeology, etc.  Therefore, we can create a customized walk covering a wide range of topics. Website lists only the most popular walks. You're welcome to send your requests at


What is "extended walk"?


2-hour walk provides a quick overview of the area, its core places and events. During the extended walks we visit more places, side-streets of the area and make deep-dive into related history. You might take advantage of extended 4-hour walk also adding nearby areas or creating a customized tour.


Do you make Kremlin tours?


Since 2013 only Kremlin museum own guides can do the tours, besides the procedure of getting vouchers is now too complicated. This made us stop conducting Kremlin tours. We hope, this situation will change as we really loved the Kremlin walk, and one of our guides, Olga, participated in Kremlin archeological research. But for now, please, order this tour at the Kremlin ticket office.


What is the maximum number of participants at the walk?


We usually make walks for limited groups of people, since we prefer discussion and intercation with participants rather than guide's monologue. Up to 8 participants is reasonable.


Do you offer group walks, is it possible to split price with someone?


At this point, we only conduct private tours on request. We're planning to launch scheduled group walks on weekends, we'll add information on website once we do.


Is the price per whole group or per person?


We offer price per group. Prices include guide's services and do not include entrance tickets.


What languages are the tours conducted in?


By default, all our tours are conducted in English.


Booking and cancellation


Please, write us or call, then we could arrange a tour date and a starting time. Since we reserve time and prepare for the tour, we usually ask for the prepayment through PayPal or Western Union. Sometimes it's possible to pay directly to your guide.

No tour can be cancelled less than 24 h before a starting time.


Can you help me order tickets, taxi in Moscow, booking restraunt or provide other services?


As historians, we rather specialize on historical tours rather than accompanying tour services. Normally, it's most efficient to ask for such services at your hotel. We might also give you some recommendations as long-time Moscovites, you might want to check some at our page "Tips from locals".


Are you interested in cooperation with other projects?


We're open to new connections and projects. Please, contact us: 



Olga: +7 903 713 05 83      

Skype: olgamalashkina