Moscow city day and Stalins's skyscrapers

We have just celebrated Moscow 870th anniversary. And because of this, we would like to recollect the story of 800th Moscow anniversary.

In 1947 Stalin ordered to create 8 skyscrapers to celebrate Moscow's 800th anniversary. 7 of them have been accomplished and now are considered remarkable sites in Moscow, also called "7 sisters", the most popular of which are MSU, Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and Hotel Ukraine. There must have been 8th enormous building in the place of Zaryadie, even the basement was ready. But the building never appeared.

A widow of the project architect Chechulin once confessed in the interview it was because of an ugly panoramic view that would appear. Gradually, the construction was frozen and in 1967 Hotel "Rossiya" was constructed on its basement to be dismantled in 2004. Now at this place you can enjoy recently opened "Zaryadie" park.

You are welcome to observe a project of a skyscraper in front of Red Square. The basement of the 8th unbuilt skyscraper was used by Soviet engineers to construct a famous hotel "Russia" in Zaryadie district.

#StalinSisters #MoscowCityDay

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