Photos of Old Moscow

We would like to recommend you a wonderful website which will bring you the image of old Moscow:

The beauty of this resource is that you can choose a specific point and see how it looked 50 or 100 years ago.

For example, I was amazed to see that the place where I live now (Mayakovskaya) just in 1950th had wooden houses and firewood in the yard. Now it's the center of Moscow with expensive apartments. It's also amazing to see meadows and cows in the places which are now densely built-up with highrise buildings.

The reason for such enormous transformation of Moscow is clear: Moscow population grew tenfold in 20th century, from 1 to 10 mln people. That required removal of private houses, construction of new highways (incl. New Arbat) and streets expansion, and, of course, rapid construction of standard multistore buildings with numerous tiny apartments to fit growing population and let Soviet families get they own, even tiniest, place. The transformation was especially intensive during 1960-1970th. Unfortunately, a lot of beautiful architecture was lost and old Moscow changed it face tremendously. You can feel it if you watch pictures of 1950th and 1970th.

The city also grew in size absorbing many small villages around. Before 1960 Moscow territory went slightly behind Garden Ring. Therefore, most of current Moscow area was either villages or countryside at that time.

Now, check what your place looked like.

Vasilievskaya st. (metro Mayakovskaya), 1952

Belyaevo village (now metro Belyavo area), 1950th

Troparevo village (now m. Troparevo area), 1959

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